UKMovNow iOS – Download UK Mov Now iOS Latest Version v8.5.2

UKMovNow iOS is one of those applications that you can use to download and watch live movies online for free of cost. Those people who use an Android device can Download the UkMovNow Apk on their phones, but if you have got an iPhone or iPad, then you must be looking for the iOS version of the application.

Here I am going to give you the download links to the iOS version of the application so that you can download and install it on your iPhone or iPad very easily.

But before I proceed to give you the download links to the UKMovNow iOS, I will cover all the basic things in full details.

So, let’s start today’s guide with all the basic concepts.

What is UKMovNow iOS?

For watching and downloading movies from the internet there are a lot of websites and applications both for Android and iOS users which allows the users to watch and download the latest movies for free. UKMovNow iOS is just an iOS application which you can download and install on your iPhone and can stream the most recent movies for free of cost.

Using it, you can watch movies in full high definition format and can also request the film in case you didn’t find it on the applications; there are much more great features of this application which I will discuss in the features section, or you can read our features page for more details.

Features of the UKMovNow iOS

UKMovNow is quite a new application in the entertainment industry. That is why it is also not that much popular. But it has a lot of features which will make you download and install it. Although its a movie downloading app that is free so you cannot expect much from it.

Let’s have a look at the silent features of this application.

  • You can watch and download movies for free of cost.
  • No need to buy the application or any subscription plan.
  • Start using the app just after downloading it, no sign up required.
  • Watch your favorite movies in full high definition.
  • Download movies in 360, 480, 720 and 1080 pixels.
  • Easy to use and simple app design.
  • Also, watch trailers so that you can decide about the movie.
  • Request the movies, if they are not present in the application.
  • And a lot more.

Does UKMovNow iOS Exist?

As you guys are well aware of the fact that the apps that are made for Android devices are also often developed for iOS. But there is a difference, as the applications built for Android are developed in the Java language while the apps that work on iOS is written in the Xcode language.

So, for creating an app for the iOS device, the developer has to write the code of the application in two different languages. This is the reason most of the applications that are developed for Android or not available for iOS users.

Unfortunately, the developers of the UKMovNow have not developed the iOS version of their applications.

It means the UKMovNow iOS doesn’t exist at all.

But you need not lose hope, as below I have listed a few useful alternatives apps to the UK Mov Now iOS which you can download from their respective sites and can start watching your favorite movies for free of cost.

UKMovNow iOS Alternatives for iDevices

iPhone is one of the most popular devices which is used by almost 30% of the total smartphone users in the world. That is why a lot of apps are developed especially for the iOS devices. Entertainment is one such category in which most of the apps are developed, and entertainment is of two types, one is games and other is media. The most popular entertainment in media is the movies.

So, there are a lot of applications that allow the users to watch and download movies on their smartphone and these applications are also available for iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Below I have mentioned a few of the most popular movies streaming and downloading applications.


  • Crackle: Crackle is owned by Sony and its a video on demand service that offers the user to watch movies for free. You don’t need to subscribe and there is nothing like a subscription in it, but if you want to watch movies on demand then you are welcome to signup and pay for movies you demand. On the home screen of Crackle, you can find all the features and popular movies that makes it easy for you to choose the most trending and amazing movies, it is one such great alternative for the UKMovNow.
  • SnagFilms: SnagFilms is an ultimate source of movies with over 2 thousand movies and TV shows. At SnagFilms you can watch movies as you watch on YouTube it’s free but you are also allowed to buy the paid version of the application. Moreover, movies have been beautifully arranged with respect to their actors.
  • Tubi.TV: Tubi.TV is just another famous free movie app for iPhone users. Unlike Crackle, you can also watch free movies and can demand movies. The advanced search box on the Tubi.TV is the great feature of this app and it lets you sort the movies by years, genre, actors, type, etc. You can download Tubi.TV for free from iTunes.
  • Hotstar: Hotstar is probably the youngest in this list but it is the most powerful as it not only allows you to watch movies, in fact, you can watch almost all sports, TV shows and much more. Its an ultimate alternative to the UKMovNow both for Android and iOS.

Final For UKMovNow iOS

If you are a movies lover and were in search of a great app for your iPhone then there is nothing better then the apps and services listed above. You can freely pick any of the app listed above and can watch your favorite movies at any place at any time.


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