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UKMovNow is my favorite application for streaming movies on my smartphones. If you also love to watch movies and want an application where you can find all the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies then you are welcome to download UKMovNow Apk on your smartphone.

Almost everyone watch movies, as it has become an important part of our life, some people love to watch Hollywood movies while the others watch the Bollywood movies, if you are also a movies lover then you must be aware of a lot of sites where you can download the movies for free in full HD quality.

Let’s start today’s article with all the basic terms so that you can get the answer to all the questions. After that, I will give you the download links to the UKMovNow.

What is UKMovNow?

UKMovNow APK is one of the most popular apps for watching and downloading all the latest and old movies for free. In this application, all the movies are updated as they are released in the cinemas. Firstly the cinema recorded version of the film is published and when the original high definition film is available it is also updated on the application.

Moreover, all the English movies are also available in the Hindi dubbed formate so if one who belongs to Urdu/Hindi speaking country then UK Mov Now APK is just love for him.

In short, it is a complete package for those who want to watch their favorite movies all in one place for free on the go.

Download UKMovNow

After reading details about the UKMovNow APK anyone will start loving it and will be highly interested in downloading the UK Mov Now on his Android or iPhone. Well, you are lucky because I have landed in the right place so here I will give you the download links to the UKMovNow both for the Android and iOS devices.

Download UKMovNow Apk

If you are having an Android smartphone then you need to download the APK file (it is the application package file for Android devices). Unfortunately, you cannot download the “UK Mov Now APK” app from the Google play store as it goes against Google’s policies.

But fortunately, there is a method to install any application on an Android device using its application package file. If you don’t know how to install apk on your smartphone then we will create a detailed article on it too.

For now, you can download the application package file by clicking on the download button given below. (It is hosted on Google Drive, so there are not any viruses on this application).

UKMovNow APK App Details

So, guys, you are about to download the UKMovNow APK on your smartphone so, below I have created a table with all the important details about this app and it will be useful for you as it described all important things.

App NameUKMovNow
Official SiteUKMovNow

Download UKMovNow iOS

If you are one of those 30% users who use iPhone as their primary smartphone and wish to install this amazing movie app on his, iPhone you must be looking for the UKMovNow iOS.

Well, due to our policies we can only provide the Apk version of the application on this page, please read the UKMovNow iOS page for details about the iOS version of the application.

Quick Tip: Download & Install the UKMovNow Windows PC version.

How to Install UKMovNow APK Android & iOS

Usually, we don’t need to install any application on our smartphone using its application package file. However, when it comes to apps like UKMovNow that are not available in the Google Play Store. Then a lot of things get involved and we have to follow certain steps to keep the things on track.

At this time we are in such a scenario where we need to be very careful because a lot of people are not aware of how to install UKMovNow Apk on Android devices.

But it is not that much hard as it looks, once you will pass through the steps I am going to write down below. You will find all the procedures very easy and straightforward and you will not have any need to read any kind of guidelines again.

So, let’s start it.

But before we move, I would like to define a few basic but important things about the UKMovNow Application. But if you can’t find anything below then you can find the answer to your questions on our FAQ page.

What is UKMovNow?

UKMovNow is an Android application designed to provide all the movies to the users for free. It features both the Hollywood and Bollywood movies. Almost all Hollywood movies have also been dubbed into local languages. It is also free to download use.

Install UKMovNow on Android


As I had told you earlier the installation procedure is not as simple as we usually install apps from play store. Manually installing apps require some time and a few taps. For new users, I have divided the whole procedure into easy and digestible steps.

Step 1. Download UKMovNow Apk

The first thing that is the most important is the UKMovNow Application Package file (the Apk file), you can download it from our site for free of cost. As you will be downloading it from an unauthentic source so you will be worried about its security. Well, we have uploaded the application on Google’s servers. So, you need not worry about the security of your application you are about to download.

You can download it from the below download button.

While if you had like to download the Pro version then you can also get that from our site. Download UKMovNow Pro (Ads Free) For Free For A Limited Time.

Step 2. Installing UKMovNow Apk

After downloading the app on your smartphone, you need to follow a few simple steps, and in these steps, we will also enable installations from unknown sources on our device.

Simply follow the below steps to proceed;

  • Launch the File Manager application on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Downloads folder or to any folder where downloaded files are stored.
  • You will find the UKMovNow Apk file there, tap on it to launch the installation wizard.
  • Now you will see a warning message, tap on the Settings button on that message.
  • After that, you will see the unknown sources options and it will be off, simply on it.
  • Tap on the back button and then on the Install button.
  • UKMovNow will be installed on your smartphone in a few seconds.

So, it was a very straightforward, quick and easy guide to install the UKMovNow Apk on your Android device.

How to Install UKMovNow on iPhone?

iPhone user will also be looking for the UKMovNow but unfortunately, at this time we don’t have the iOS version of the UKMovNow, maybe the developers can develop the iOS version. So, we have created a page where we discuss everything about UKMovNow iOS you can read it to know more.

Features of UKMovNow


UKMovNow APK is not that much old as the other application of its kind that, that is why there are chances you may not be aware of it. Basically, it is a Movies streaming app and you cannot expect much from it, but it has a lot of cool features that make it perfect.

Before we proceed to keep in mind, it is free to download and use and you cannot do much with it, however, the developers have put some advertisements in it to make money so that they can keep the application active.

Here is a brief list of the features of the UKMovNow APK, while you can find a detailed list at our Features page.

  • You can download any movies you want in your desired quality.
  • Request movies that are not present in the application and those movies will be updated within 24 hours.
  • Watch movies online for free without seeing any popups advertisements.
  • Bookmark favorite movies so that you can watch them later.
  • All Bollywood movies have been dubbed so you can watch them in your desired language.
  • Sort movies by the Actors and Actresses and watch them with ease without any problems.
  • User-friendly and easy to navigate design that makes it easier for you to use it.
  • Watch trailers of the movies before you watch the movie itself.
  • In short, UKMovNow APK contains all those features that any movie streaming site should have.

Final Words

I hope you enjoyed reading today’s guide about the UKMovNow APK and are highly interested in using it on your devices for watch & download movies for free. If yes, then you will really love this application, moreover, you should also consider sharing this guide with your friends.


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