Top 10 Luxury Watch Brands In The World To Know

Over the centuries, luxury watches have grown up and become much more than merely a simple piece of jewelry. Unlike luxury cars and other luxury products that are often luxury for its latest model, the watch has remained a luxury item to maintain and carry with one. Get additional details about watches

More than just another timepiece, the timepiece will make you feel equally special with the simple words “time of your life”.

They are not just watches that don’t come with the stigma of a high price tag, but rather some of the most attractive, gorgeous watches in the world.

A few of the most affluent brands are ready to stay at the top of the luxury watch industry. These brands combine an astronomical cost with a hefty number of innovative timepiece designs.

So without further a do, here are the Top 10 most attractive watch brands in the world.

Patek Philippe

The Swiss Watch manufacturer was established in 1755 and focuses on perfection. The brand has produced a wide range of fantastic timepieces, including most notably the Patek Philippe Calibre 4 timepiece, the most expensive watch in the world. This brand’s current headquarters is located at the Patek Philippe Museum, which can also be found in Geneva, Switzerland.

1. Cartier


Cartier is a Swiss brand dating back to 1837. The year 1993 was perhaps the most important one for the brand, which was when it achieved its luxury status.

Cartier is also very famous for their Patek Philippe watches which make up the majority of their collections. Most of their models are also quite sophisticated and well designed.

2. Tritium Watch

Tritium watch

Tritium watch is one of the best watch which is specially created for armies. Tritium watches are the first functional re-creation of the atomic symbol on a watch face.

They were created by Rick Dickinson. Dickinson is an electronic engineer. He calls himself the Godfather of watchmaking. The watch design for tritium was commissioned by a client who lived in the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

They made it for themselves and smuggled it out of the Soviet Union. When they got it back, the watch was rusted beyond repair.

Dickinson took all the parts he could and created a timepiece using parts from a Rolex watch and parts from two tritium cans. Dickinson spent 12 years designing the watches. He says he was intrigued by the tritium because it is virtually non-toxic. Dickinson also owns British-based Luminox watches.

3. Omega


Omega is a recognizable name in the world. Their unique heritage has been put to good use in their elegant watches.

They are capable of producing impressive timepieces at an affordable cost. Also known for their active participation in assisting organizations in fulfilling humanitarian causes.  The brand currently has a store in Paris and Beijing, and is likewise present in Hong Kong and Monaco.

4. Rolex


Rolex is a brand renowned for their activity in the world of motorsport. The brand has put together a varied list of diverse models which is sure to impress with its spectacular high quality.

Their collection is available in a variety of designs and colors and each one comes with its own distinctive features. They can be known to produce watches for people that are well on the cutting edge in terms of style.

5. Chopard


Chopard has a substantial history that dates back to 1925. What is interesting about them is that they are generally recognized as being one of the finest luxury watchmaking brands in the world.

Their most famous models have a price tag that begins at $60,000. A well designed and executed timepiece that comes from Chopard will make you feel uniquely classy.

6. Breguet


Since the year 1839, Breguet has been producing timepieces that have brought them a place among the elite ranks in the watch industry.

It also has a history of producing the world’s most expensive watches. Their diverse models can be specially distinguished by their particular movement which is made from gold and platinum.

7. Tudor


Tudor, named after its first watch is definitely one of the most distinctive luxury watch brands in the world.  The brand is led by a father and son team known as Stuart and Stephen Tudor. They are experts in creating luxury timepieces which are distinctly Tudor.

Their distinctive watch models are made from precious metals and combine a modern aesthetic with class and durability.  They also have very large watches made of different materials and colors.

8. Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin

Vacheron Constantin has a much more extensive history than Breguet. The first watch known to the brand is the Calibre 17, which was made in 1884.

The brand is more popular for its manufacturing of chronometers than for its other wristwatches, which can cost as much as $100,000.

Some of the watches that Vacheron Constantin produces are their different models that are offered in various designs and colors.

9. Luminox


Luminox is more popular than Rolex, Rolex (Beats) watches losing ground to new up-and-comers. According to the Watchfinder article, new competition has led to Rolex downgrading their engineering ability and development time and charging more for their products.

The article cites that the company now has employees whose only job is to “execute on the new designs and improve the quality of existing designs.” In addition, the article says that the quality of their new products has improved but on the negative side the quality of the manufacturing has dropped.

10. IWC Schaffhausen


IWC Schaffhausen

Since I started attending watches auctions in 2006, I’ve come to love the competition, camaraderie, and beauty of this annual event. I met friends and made business connections, sold watches for clients and even won some. But as with any great event, it’s the competitors who grab the most attention.

The heart of each watch collecting community lies in competitive study, debate, and probing questions. When I asked the folks at Watch Analysis if they’d be interested in a write-up, they agreed. So this year, I ventured off to Geneva and became a part of the world’s foremost watch enthusiast test group, the website says.

The test is simple: Ask a model of each brand, whether new or old, to dress up and play in their respective categories, that of costume watch, cocktail hour watch, black tie watch, or birthday gift.  If they fail to dress up, you deduct 10 points. For success, a model moves to the next round. These were the watches from past competitions that I had the pleasure of adding to my personal collection.

Final Lines
I hope that you will like these Top 10 watch brands in the world and will pick one for yourself and if you think that we’re missing something then feel free to contact us, Cheers!

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