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Below table contains all the information about the My Boy APK GBA Emulator which will be useful for you as it describes all the important things.

NameMy Boy APK
Apk Size2.24
Last Update9 Jan. 2019
Content Rating3+
DevelopersFast Emulator
Root RequiredNo

My Boy Emulator is one of the most popular and the highly recommended and the most used emulator used for Gameboy games on Android devices.

If you are looking for the My Boy Apk file, then you are lucky because you have landed on the right place and now I will guide you that how can you download GBA Emulator for Free on your Android device along with other important things like installations procedure and using it.

This method which I will discuss today is straightforward and easy to follow. Mean you don’t need to worry about anything like purchasing the app or anything like that.

Because here I will give you the download links to all the necessary APK files which you need and you can also find all the guides which are useful for you to get started.

Well, as you know I always start my articles or guides with some necessary information so below I will list a few basic terms;

What is My Boy?

My Boy is a Game Boy (GBA) Emulator for Android devices which are not very strong, and their users want to run high-quality GameBoy games. It can support almost all the games which are out there and is a potent tool ever for emulating games on any hardware.

My Boy Apk is really a fantastic app which you can use for running Gameboy games and app on your Android device for free of cost. And the app is also available in the Google Play store which means you can download it for free. But people also search for the Apk file because the application is not available in a few countries that is why I thought why not to create a blog where I will give you the download links to the My Boy GBA Emulator Apk.

It doesn’t matter which mobile or Tablet you are using, either that is very old or the modern one you can run any GameBoy games using My Boy app. Which you can download for free from our site or the Google play store.

So, if you are new, then there may be many questions popping up in your mind. That’s why I decided to write everything in detail below.

What is an Emulator?

An Emulator is a set of programs which converts something which is not allowed to be run on an OS. For example, GB Games cannot be directly installed on Android devices, and the My Boy Emulator converts your Android into a Handheld game console while the nature of your device is the same. It looks something awkward, but when you try this, you will get to know about everything.

What is the “Game Boy”?

According to Wikipedia the Game Boy was designed, developed and created by the Nintendo Inc in 1989 at the time of their 100th anniversary. It is a two nibble (8 bit) handheld game which has a lot of games on it and users can play the games.

Download My Boy Apk Emulator

Now that we have learned a lot of the things about this emulator. You may be looking for the download links or the download buttons, well before I put them here, I would like to say you that here I am giving the download links of My Boy apk which is the latest full version. You can get it for free using the download buttons given below.

Download MyBoy Apk

If you have wanted to download the MyBoy Apk file on your Android device then here I will also give you the download links to its Apk file which you can use to download the app on your smartphone.

The app is very easy to use and below I will also give you the step by step process of installing the Apk file on your Android device. Moreover, I will also guide you that how can you play GameBoy Games using this emulator on your smartphone.

But before we move further you have to download the application on your device

Features of My Boy GBA Emulator

There are a lot of Emulators out there which can be used for the same purpose but the features which My Boy have are really awesome. So, below I have described a few most important features in full detail.

  • Saves Your Phones Battery Life: There are a lot of games out there which drains battery life very fastly. But when you use My Boy Emulator it saves the battery of your device to a much extent, even if you don’t have a very fancy and modern Android device.
  • Link Cable Emulation: If you want to link your device to other devices then link cable emulation is a very good option because it lets you connect your device with other device either via the Bluetooth or WiFi Network.
  • Supports All Kind of Sensors: If you want to play some really awesome and ultra HD games of very high-quality then there must be some sensors on your Android device to support the game. But does it supports sensors? Yes, it does. You can use all kind of sensors on this Emulator and it performs everything very effectively.
  • No Need for A Separate BIOS file: There are other emulators which need a separate BIOS file for the emulation of the heavy games but when we talk about the MyBoy Apk then there is no such need because it supports  IPS or UPS ROM for ultra high-quality patching.
  • Fast and Forward: My Boy Emulator comes with the ability to make any game to act fast or to slow down the whole game. This feature is very helpful because you can skip those parts of the games which are boring very fastly, while hard and difficult levels of the games can be played in slow mode.
  • Play Saved Games on Any Device: If you have multiple devices then you can use this emulator for saving and then playing the games on the other devices from where you just left. It is super easy, all you need to do is to save the game and then sync it with Google Drive.
  • On-screen Keypad: This emulator also supports the on-screen keypad which contains all the important buttons and shortcuts which you can use to perform various tasks very efficiently. But for doing so, you must have Android 2.0 or later. Using the volume buttons you can load or save the running games at any instance.
  • Powerful Screen Layout Editor: Using the screen layout editor you can easily customize the layout of the controls and can give them appropriate positions according to your need, this is very useful features of the My Boy and it also helps you to edit the default settings of the app.
  • Much External Game Control: External game controls like MOGA can be very useful if you want to improve your gaming experience.
  • Clean & Simple Interface: My Boy has a very well designed, easy to use, and user-friendly interface which makes the things very simple and easy. You also customize the interface according to your desires but the default interface of the Emulator is also very awesome.
  • Auto Save Everything: If you often forget that where you had left playing or doing your work then you can enable the autosave features which makes things easy for you. You everything which you will do will be saved automatically.
  • The Emulator is For Free: That is the best features of the My Boy App, it is totally free to use but with limited features. If you want to try thing then you can give the free version a try and later you can buy the paid one.

How to Install MyBoy APK File on Android


If you are a newbie, I mean you have never installed an app manually then you may be wondering what to do with a .apk file how it works and how to run it on my Android device. Well, it is super easy to install it on our Android devices in a matter of seconds.

Normally, we search for the games or app on the Google Play Store and then install it on our device and we don’t have any need to do anything but for the .apk file we are not independent, we have to go through a lot of stops to install the app. So, below I have listed a step-by-step procedure which you can follow to install the MY Boy APK on your Android device.

  • First of all, make sure you have downloaded the apk file from the above download buttons. If you had downloaded it on your PC then make sure to transfer it to your Android device.
  • Now tap on the downloaded file, you will see a warning, saying “installations from unknown sources is not enabled”.
  • To enable installations from Unknown sources, simply go to the settings, and then security, there find the Installations from unknown sources and enable it.
  • Come back to the second step and again click on the apk file, this time you will see the installation wizard.
  • Tap on the Next and then on the Install button the app will be installed on your Android device.
  • That’s it, it was a very simple and easy method to install the My Boy Apk on your Android Device.

How to Use My Boy Apk

If you are going to use the MyBoy App for the very first time. Then you may find it hard to use because you will not understand how it works and how to use it. But no worries here I will also tell you about how to use the MyBoy App on your smartphone. And will also tell you how can you play MyBoy Games on your smartphone.

Follow the steps given below to proceed

  • First of all, make sure you have installed the MyBoy App on your Android device if you have not done it then first consider installing it on your smartphone by downloading from the download button given above.
  • Now You have to download some Gameboy games, if you have already some games then it’s Okay otherwise you can download it from our Gameboy Games page.
  • Once you have followed two steps, given above then you can launch the application.
  • In the application, you will see a black colored screen where all the folders on your smartphone will be listed.
  • Select the folder where you have downloaded the Gameboy games, in my case I had downloaded it into my Downloads folder so I will be selecting the download folder.
  • Now you will be able to see the Gameboy games which you had downloaded on your device.
  • Tap on any game you want to play and it will be Launched and will start playing.
  • For changing the screen you can rotate your smartphone and the screen will also rotate.

That’s it, you have successfully learned how to use My Boy App and how to run Gameboy games on the Android device.

My Boy iOS – Gameboy Games on iPhone

There are a lot of people present which are browsing on the internet for the My Boy iOS Emulator for the iPhone. My Boy GBA Emulator is very easy to find for the Android devices. This is a fact that the android device community is much bigger than IOS using community this has a reason to explain. IOS is fully copyrighted by the famous tech company named Apple. Whereas the Android operating system is open source. Any new company gets the operating system. IOS is only used by Apple while Android is fully available for any Smartphone company without any copyrights.

And if you are also in the people who are looking for the My Boy GBA Emulator for IOS you have come to the right place. On this place, you will get the download link of My Boy IOS GBA Emulator. That means you can get the app right now and could enjoy some classic games on IOS.
Please have a look at the contents of this topic that are well stated below.

Download My Boy iOS Full Version

So, you are an Android user? If yes, then you must be looking for the iOS version of the application so that you can download the app on your iPhone or iPad and then can use it for playing Gameboy games on your iDevice.

Unfortunately, the iOS version of the My Boy has not been published till now the reason is that there is a lot of difference between the Android and iOS so the developers have to develop the app for both devices differently but no problem. I have created a page especially for the iOS you can click on it to see any updates for My Boy iOS.

Android users have always an edge over the iPhone users the reason is the number of developers of Android apps is much more than the iPhone one. That is why most of the games and apps like My Boy iOS doesn’t exist in reality.

What is the My Boy iOS GBA Emulator?

We know that you are here just to get the download link of GBA Emulator. But there are many people who should read this guide. I will try to cover every small step. So no one would face any kind of problem.

My Boy IOS is an application of GBA Emulation. That you can install on your iPhone or on IPad. This will allow you to play some of the greatest classical games. Some of us still get fun in playing classical games and some are really enjoyable.

There are plenty of very good features as well in My Boy IOS. Simply, this app allows you to play classic games on IOS.

Some Silent Key Features

Before you go for the downloading of the application on your device I would like to state some of the great features of the application that will show why you should download this application.

Some of the key features of the application are given below.

  • My Boy is one of the first and full-featured GBA Emulator.
  • My Boy is available for both Android users and now IOS users too.
  • This is probably the lightest and fastest GBA Emulator.
  • This works on both average and high memory devices
  • My Boy GBA Emulator supports the external keyboards. That means you can connect with Xbox, MOGA or any other controller with your phone.
  • My Boy works with all of the present GBA games correctly. There is no problem to irritate.

Does My Boy IOS GBA Emulator exist in reality?

This is may be the most common question these days because it has built a great number of followings because of some fantastic features. Why this question occurs?

Because of the high number of Android device users, this app was out for Android devices. If any of your friends are playing some interesting classical games and you are using an IOS device. So you can’t just share the application.

Fortunately, the application was built for Android users at first but by watching the interest of IOS users this question is out. And some people are just browsing for the application on the internet because they are very fond of classical games. Some important info to discuss is you can’t just use the android apps on iPhone or vice versa.

For Example, Android devices run the application with the special android OS format like Apk Files. And IOS also works on the same law. .apk file cannot be downloaded or install on the iPhone. Basically, the main thing is their formats to execute an application are different. Since both have different operating systems. Like .exe file don’t work on both Android and IOS devices.

My Boy IOS GBA Emulator Alternatives

If you don’t want to use this GBA Emulator because of some reason. I will try to list some very good GBA Emulator so you can carry on the fun.

  • RetroArch: This GBA Emulator is multi-system. RetroArch uses the Liberto development Interface. It also uses “cores”. Each core should be installed first. And each core is essentially a video game emulator. Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game boy advanced all contain cores. And the work in RetroArch. This is a very good feature because it makes it possible to play all of them in just one single app. It has a very high compatibility rate. The app is also totally free to use. It’s also open source and there is no advertising to irritate you.
  • John GBA: It is a very famous GBA emulator. You can play any game. It has screen control, game search, cheat codes. You can also use fast forward and slow down modes. It can be run offline. And don’t show any ads. Which every user wants. It’s a premium app but not expensive. It is available on Google Play.

Final Words

So, guys, this was all about how to use the My Boy on Android and run the Gameboy Advance games using the best GBA Emulator, if you liked my this tutorial then please consider sharing it with your friends.

But if you have any questions then you can ask them below in the comments.

Gameboy was a very popular and the most used gaming platform back in the past but now due to the advance Android games its popularity has been decreased but it is still very popular and loved by its users.

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