How to Make Custom Pop Socket – New Guide

Toast Pop Selfie is a modern mobile accessory that promises more comfort and stability when using your smartphone to take photos, watch horizontal videos, read texts or make live streams. Pop socket comes with glue to attach it to the device, which gives it firmness to make selfies from new angles, curl the headset or rest on a surface. So, you can make your custom pop socket with us easily. Only choose your color and design you can easily create your custom pop socket. That’s why you need to know how to make a custom pop Socket.

The model of our Custom Pop Socket, which acts as a concertina, can also be used on other gadgets, as well as being compatible with a clip to attach the electronics to the car dashboard. That’s right; Pop Selfie can be used as a Mobile Phone Holder.

It’s worth mentioning that pops Elfie can be reused if you want to put it on another phone or case. To remove, simply pull the closed accessory, however, it is not recommended that the user is changing the piece in order not to lose the glue.


The mobile stands come stomping with Goodie. This large category of products has been driven by the registered trademark POPSOCKET, which since 2014 has already sold more than 40 million of its POPSOCKET worldwide. In Goodie we have the widest range of mobile media, leading the category of the original custom POPSOCKET, and this POPSOCKET reference and followed by a series of references with similar FUNCTIONALITIES.

It is a new fashion, perfect for making incredible advertising gifts that stand out for their originality and good use. These accessories are worn among the young and not so young and in the online catalog, you will find several different models. They serve to hold the mobile and prevent it from falling or slipping and its operation is really simple.

Its origins date back some years, but little by little they have been penetrating society more intensely and it is common to see these small utensils anywhere. Choose the model that best suits your marketing campaign and have a nice touch with your customers in the form of a custom Popsocket or any other type of support that will make your company’s brand always with your smartphone.

Custom pop socket

Indeed, they are the best allies that a smartphone could have because thanks to them it is possible to grab the mobile more effectively and avoid suffering damage as a result of a fall. Their system is as follows: they have a small suction cup and a kind of ring that is also used as a support to place the mobile on any surface.

Mobile phone holders or Popsockets allow you to grab your phone with your fingers more safely and when you stop using it, it is simply left crushed or removed easily. Some of our models come with Bluetooth remote control, with clamping rings of different types and shapes, which are very easy to use on both smartphones and tablets. That way, you can capture a perfect image or selfies. 

It is a very simple but modern and practical design. In addition, you have the opportunity to customize and stamp your logo to increase the visibility of your company. Our prices are really cheap and the investment you will have to make will not be large. If you have any questions, contact us and ask your question.

This new invention may or may not have a ring shape. In our catalog we have a large selection of high-quality designs in different colors, styles, and shapes, all to adapt to the tastes of your customers or the preferences of your company.

Final words

So, I think now you catch up on how to make Custom Pop Socket. We will help you to choose and make the best and better custom pop socket for your mobile or your tablet so you can easily use your device.

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