Download GBWhatsApp APK Free for Android [Latest]

Hello, welcome back guys, you must have heard about different mod versions of WhatsApp, you might have downloaded a few of them. How was your experience? I don’t think they were up to the mark or capable to satisfy your requirements. That’s the reason why you are again on the hunt for the best mod version of WhatsApp.

If this is going to be your first download then, let me tell you that after this you need not look for any other mod version. An app that we are going to discuss has everything that you are looking for. It will give you a smooth user experience. So in this article, I am going to discuss complete information about, so without wasting so much time in the discussion so let’s proceed now.

GBWhatsApp for Android

WhatsApp was the best, but it is not right now. There are dozens of problems with WhatsApp, few of them are related to its policies and few are for the customization options that it offers. Though it has nothing to offer in terms of customizations. Even some problem is about its images qualities, so here we are giving you the best solution of WhatsApp alternative

GBWhatsApp for android is an alternative version and a mod version of WhatsApp. It is also virus free app there is no issue at all while installing and after using it, It is mod because it works is based on WhatsApp, it is an alternative because it has much more to offers as features than WhatsApp which you never have seen before.

Features of GBWhatsApp

Few of the features are mentioned below:

10+ images can be shared at once

If you are using official WhatsApp, then you might be facing error when you are trying to send more than 10 images at a time. GBWhatsApp doesn’t have any restriction of 10 images. Along with this, when you are sharing images, their quality gets degraded automatically, but in GBWhatsApp quality remains as it is.

30+ Documents can be shared

Again, another benefit of using GBWhatsApp is that it allows you to share more than 30 documents at a time. It makes sharing documents easier and more convenient. It will more beneficial as compared to other WhatsApp, it is very useful for the students and professionals.

Hide Bluetick, double tick

Another great feature of GBWhatsApp that allows you to defend your privacy. On WhatsApp also you can hide blue tick and double tick but with that, you won’t be able to check other’s ticks too. This is one of the advanced features of gbwhatsapp, millions of people are already using it this features, so why you are waiting download now and enjoy it.

Block Individual’s Calls

Official WhatsApp never allowed you to disable someone’s calls. If you want to block someone’s calls, then you need to block him from the Chats too. But on GBWhatsApp, you have the option to block someone’s on call and can continue to the conversation over Chats without letting them know that he/she is blocked from calls.

While downloading the APK file of GBWhatsApp make sure you are either visiting the official website of GBWhatsApp or a trusted APK provider so that you can get a virus-free file. Sometimes what actually happens is we download a malware-infected file and it creates trouble in the functioning of the Smartphone and unknowingly we blame the App for it. Don’t download gbwhatsapp from fake and virus affected sites.


So Above, you read about What GBWhatsApp offers to you. I hope you are now convinced to use GBWhatsApp and you aren’t going back to official WhatsApp again. There are several other options that GBWhatsApp offers you and aren’t mentioned above. You need to use the application for a while to experience what GBWhatsApp actually is. If you like the post please share as much as you can because sharing is always carrying.

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