Features of UKMovNow – Things That You Need to Know

UKMovNow is relatively a new app in the industry but it has a bunch of features that need to be discussed. As its new, so there are chances you may not be aware of it. For the sake of details, I have designed a separate page where I can describe all the Features of the UK Mov Now in full details.

Basically, UKMovNow is a movie streaming and downloading an application which allows its services for free, with easy to navigate and good user experience it is getting more and more users globally.

As we proceed you will get more info about the app. That’s why I have pulled out all the basic information about this app and starting today’s blog post with all the basic terms.

What is UKMovNow?

UKMovNow is an Android app designed to provide the facility to stream movies and download them for later use. It is free to download but it is not available on the Google Play Store as it provides movies that are copyrighted. However, you can still install the UKMovNow on your smartphone by Downloading its Apk file from its official site and can later install it on your device.

List of Supported Devices

Unlike most of the apps, UKMovNow was also designed for Android device as the trend of this app increased the developers also developed UK Mov Now for a bunch of other smart devices. So, now you can download it for the following devices for free;

Features of UKMovNow

Till now we have talked a lot about the application itself, so, let’s move on and discuss some features of UKMovNow Pro in full details. So, that you can find what this application has for you and how can you get most out of it.

  • A Huge Collection of Movies: UKMovNow has a very huge collection of movies, this collection includes both the Hollywood and Bollywood movies.
  • Dubbed Movies: All the Hollywood movies are present in the Hindi/Urdu dubbed format, which means you can watch English movies in your native language.
  • Simple App Design: UK Mov Now has been designed to keep the simplicity in mind, its simple interface is quite easy and quick to use and also provides a very good user experience.
  • Search Box: A simple but powerful search box in the application allows you to search for the films and movies you want to watch with ease.
  • Watch Trailers: Trailers of all the movies are also available, so before you actually start watching any movie, first watch its trailer and then the movie. It will be useful as you can get a taste of how the movie will be.
  • Request Movies: If you didn’t find any movie, then you can request that movie and it will be available within the 24 hours of requesting it.
  • Download Movies in Required Quality: All the movies are available for downloading, you can watch & download movies in 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
  • No Annoying Popup Ads: In most of the movies sites you will find a lot of annoying popup ads that really makes the user experience 0 but on UKMovNow you will not find such ads.
  • It’s Free: Mostly movies fans look for those apps/sites that are free and UKMovNow is 100% free you can download it freely.


UKMovNow is a must have App for those who often watch movies and want a source from they can find movies in high quality for free of cost. If you are one of those, then you will love this application and will give it a try for sure.


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