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Bcmon Apk is one of the most used Android apps for checking and analyzing the network security of any wireless network. The app is used by experts for network analysis and can be used to do many advances and amazing stuff like checking the vulnerability of your WiFi Network by hacking that. On the other hand, some bad hackers or neighbors can also use this app for hacking your WiFi network so that they can use it without your permission.

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Bcmon Apk has a very good advantage and that is its size, it’s a lightweight application which can work very smoothly on any kind of Android device. If you have not a very powerful smartphone with great RAM and storage then you can still use the Bcmon app.

What is Bcmon?

Bcmon Apk is an Android app which is developed by the XDA (the best place for tech updates and guides) and is a free network analysis toolkit. It has thousands of amazing features out of those ones is that you can check the vulnerability of your WiFi network.

Bcmon Apk is totally CLI based mean you have to manually type commands for every action you want to do on the app. This is the only reason I don’t like the app because it cannot be used by the average people.

What is the Bcmon APK

What-is-Bcmon apk

Basically, the Bcmon Apk is just a network analysis toolkit which checks the vulnerability in your wireless networks but as I said first it can be used for different purposes such as for hacking the WiFi networks.

The other best thing about this app is that you can use this for network analysis and to put restrictions on a network. If you are an IT expert or a Network manager then this app makes the network managing easy for you. Because you don’t need to carry your laptop all the time with you.

Download Bcmon APK

Now its time for you to download the Bcmon app on your Android device. Here I will provide you the download link of the Bcmon Apk file which you can use to install the app on your Android device.

I have uploaded the APK file of the app on my servers and you can simply tap on the below download button and the fill will be automatically downloaded on your smartphone.

Technical Details

Below table describes some important information about the Bcmon Apk which includes the developers, app size, and the latest version, etc.

App NameBcmon APK
App Versionv3.6
Android Versionv2.3 or above
Last Update25 Jun 2019
AvailabilityNot on Play Store
Root RequiredYes
Official WebsiteXDA
No of Downloads1,358,300+

Requirements for Installing Bcmon Apk

You know that each and every app has a few basic requirements which your Android must fulfill so that the app can work smoothly on your device. So, Bcmon APK has also a few requirements out of which the most important is that your phone must be rooted.

If you want to Download Bcmon app but your phone is not rooted then first consider rooting your phone. The other requirement of this app is that there must be a Reaver App installed on your phone.

How to Install Bcmon Apk


Well, installing Bcmon Apk is very simple. But if you are going to install a non-play store app for the first time then it may a little bit difficult for you but don’t worry I will provide you a detailed guide along with screenshot which will make the process easy and simple for you.

Just follow the steps given below to get started.

  • Step 1. You need to enable installations from unknown sources on your Android device. To enable this simply launch the Settings app, there find security options and then find Installations from unknown sources and put the tick mark or toggle the enable button. You will see a warning message just ignore that by tapping on the OK button. That’s it you have successfully enabled installations from unknown sources.
  • Step 2. Download the Bcmon APK file from the above download button (I have added a download button).
  • Step 3. Simply open your Download Manager app or the File Manager app and find the downloaded Bcmon file there.
  • Step 4. Once you found the Bcmon app file tap on it and then accept the permissions.
  • Step 5. After then tap on the Next and then install button. That’s it the app has been successfully installed on your Android device.

How to Use the Bcmon APK?

Well, I can’t describe it completely as it’s not a lesson of a few minutes which I will teach you and you will remember it since the app itself is a toolkit so it has thousands of different options.

One thing which I think worse about the application is that it doesn’t have GUI (Graphical User Interface) it is totally based on CLI (Command Line Interface). So, you need to learn about each and every command which you will be entering in the app. People also use Bcmon to Hack Wifi on their Android devices.

What Can You Do Using Bcmon

Well, the app is a network analysis toolkit which is rick of features for analyzing any WiFi network. There are a lot of things which you can do using our amazing app.

We have written a few of them below;

  • For Hacking WiFi: You can also have WiFi networks using the app. There are a lot of options available in the app which make it amazing for scanning and analyzing the available networks.
  • For Network Analysis: If you want to measure the strength of any Network or want to check the signals speed or network speed then you can use this app for that too.
  • Block Other Users’ Access: If you are worried about the security of your network then you can also block other users or can put restrictions on the network.

I hope you have just found what you were looking for, I mean you have downloaded the APK file on your Android device and now you are ready to use it. If you need further information about Bcmon APK then you can ask via our contact page.

Final Thoughts

So, this site is totally dedicated to the Bcmon APK which is a free but amazing toolkit for network analysis in any environment. If you want to do fun by hacking the WiFi network of your neighbors then this app is also great, but remember if you want to use this app for pure hacking purpose then Hacking is a crime and you can be jailed.

If you have any questions or suggestions then you can do contact us on our contact page.

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