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There are millions of Android users all over the world and the number of Android apps is also much more. But do you know, the best apps and games which are available in the Play Store are paid. And the worse thing is a lot of students want to download those apps and games but they can’t get them because they don’t have enough money. But when we use AtoZ Downloader Apk, the Android app then you can get all those apps for free of cost.

Moreover, if you love to listen to music and are a movie lover then you will just love the AtoZ Downloader Apk because you can also get the latest movies as well as the latest songs too.

I will start today’s topic with a few basic terms;

What is AtoZ Downloader

Basically, it is an alternative to the Google Play Store which you can use to download the paid apps and games for free on your smartphone but the additional feature of this app is that you can also download movies and songs on your smartphone. it is also called the AIO Downloader APK.

The movies and songs downloading feature make the app even more popular and the demand for this app is increasing due to his purpose.

AtoZ Downloader Apk is all in one Android app which you can use to download a lot of latest movies, the best songs in MP3 and full HD Video format and the best thing, thousands of paid apps and games for free of cost.

AtoZ was designed with an aim to provide high-quality content to its users without any charges. The user experience is also awesome because you are provided a decent design that is very much similar to the Google Play Store.

How Much is Secure AtoZ Downloader Apk?

However, if you ask about security then AtoZ Downloader is not as much secure as Play Store (it is obvious, there is nothing more secure then Google) is the reason is both the apps are backed up by different providers. But still, all the apps that you download from this app are tested for any kind of threads and are 100% secure according to the developers.

Download A to Z Downloader APK

Now if you want to download the app on your Android device then you will search for it on the Google Play Store, but unfortunately, this app is not available in the store. The reason is very simple, AtoZ Downloader Apk is also an app store and Google don’t allow any other app store to be on the Play Store.

Download AtoZ Downloader APK

If you still want to download the APK file of the app on your device and want to install it on your Android, then below I will give you the download links to the file.

Technical Details

NameAtoZ Downloader APK
Size4.46 MBs
App Packagecom.allinone.downloader
Last Updated2 Feb 2019
CategoryApp Store
Android Version RequiredAndroid 3.0 or Later
RootNot Required

Download AtoZ Downloader iOS App

If you use an Android phone then it is good, but if you are using an Apple’s phone mean an iPhone or iPad, etc. then you will be searching for the AtoZ Downloader iOS app but you will not find it anywhere that is why here I am going to give you the download links to the AtoZ Downloader iOS app.

You can click on the below download button and then on the new page simply click on the Download app button and the app will be downloaded on your iPhone.

How to Install AtoZ Downloader APK

Installing an Apk on Android device is not a difficult task at all and it also doesn’t take a lot of time and efforts.

However, if you are going to install an Application on your smartphone using an APK file then you may find the task a little bit confusing, that is why I have created an easy to follow step by step guide which you can follow very easily.

But before we start, I would like to state it that you should take the risk that some apps may contain viruses and malware which you install out of Google Play Store. However, you need not worry about AtoZ Downloader Apk, I have personally tested this app many times.

Step by Step Guide

  • For installing the APK File of any app you need to disable the “Unknown Installation” feature on your Android phone, it is very simple to turn it off.
  • So, just launch the Settings app from the app drawer, scroll down and find the Security or Advanced Settings (if you are using Android 7.0 or later, and then go to Security) now you have to find the Unknown Installations option.
  • Turn off the unknown installations by tapping toggling the button and tap on the OK button on the warning box that appears afterward.
  • That’s it, you have just completed the half work, and now you can proceed and can install the A to Z Downloader app on your smartphone.
  • The other half process which is left is not very hard, all you need to do is to open the File Manager app of your Phone, there Go to the Local storage and then to the Downloads Folder. In the download Folder, you will find the All_in_One.Apk file (it is the file you had downloaded), just tap on it to initiate the process.
  • The next thing you have to do is to press the NEXT button, by tapping Next you are accepting the AtoZ Downloader Apk’s permissions they require to run on your phone. These are very basic things and you don’t need to read them.
  • Finally, you will see the Install button, simply tap on it and the app will start installing on your smartphone and will be installed within a few seconds.
  • Once the application is installed, you can launch it by tapping on the OPEN button while if you don’t want to launch the app you can press the Done button and the application installation wizard will be closed.

Features of AtoZ Downloader Apk

First of all, I should state its understandable and attractive interface. The GUI is very eye catching and helps the user to select an action. It holds tons of key features that I can’t discuss in a row. It contains the solution for almost every single problem related to the software market. The details about the key features are given below.

  • You can download the mod version of the popular games and apps for free of cost.
  • The application is very secure means you can download the application securely.
  • AtoZ Downloader Apk itself is also free so you don’t need to worry about things like its cost.
  • If you love to listen to music and movies then you can also download for free.
  • There is also a phone cleaner which cleans the phone so that you can get the most out of it.

These were a few features while below is a full list of all the features of this application.

Get Restricted Apps

The passion for playing every single new game is much common now. There are many people who just wait for the launch of a new game. Not all the games are available in every country. There are some games which are banned in some countries because of different aspects. The blue whale was a recently famous game which was banned in many countries because of its psychiatrist tricks that lead to harm to the people. These are restricted games. The restriction means you cannot download or install them easily. But AtoZ Downloader Apk allows its users to download most of the restricted games and play them.

There is also a solution for the paid apps. You can get the paid apps free of cost here in AtoZ downloader Apk. On Google Play Store you have to pay for some of the apps and there is not any other choice. It will not ask for your credit card details because it is just free of download any kind of app or game.

Explore new Apps & Games

They have a very good and supportive team to keep the store up to date. There are many apps which are listed daily. But not all of the apps might be of your taste so you can always check for the recommended box that editors have suggested the people give a try. Editors give their precious time to select some cool apps for the users.

Get Regular Updates

If there is an update for the application that you are using it will show in AtoZ Downloader Apk. You just have to follow simple steps to update the apps. The downloader supports high-speed updates. Sometimes, the updates are not suitable for the old version of the Android device so you have the option to not install the updates.

Tight Security

As you know Google Play Store provides a great security level. Just like that AtoZ provides a great wall of security that blocks the downloading of unwanted apps. It will scan first and then will download every app if it is protected for your device.

Better Performance

By downloading this app you will realize the change in performance for your smartphone. There would be a memory cleaner that will be working in the background so that you can just clean the memory in one touch and enhance the speed of the phone. This will allow you to work properly on your device.

YouTube Features

It has a great feature for the youtube videos that if you like any video and want to share with your friends you can do so by just clicking one button. you can download Youtube videos and can also share with your friends. The Built-in browser is very good if you want to watch videos at a very good speed without any problem of buffering or loading.

Listen to MP3 Songs

There are many people who are fond of music if you are one of them then you might like app store more. AtoZ has a built-in MP3 Downloader. You can download your favorite MP3 songs, also sort the songs by artist names or singers. it can also make folders of different kind of songs. There is a lot more which you can get through this tab of the AtoZ Downloader Apk and it is a mind-blowing feature of this application.

YouTube Songs in MP3

You might have had a good collection of different kinds of songs. Some of them would be audio and some of them would be video. You might have wanted to convert some of the video songs into audio songs. In the old days, people do this with the help of a converter on a computer. But now you can do this job via AtoZ Downloader App. You can also download the app YouTube to MP3 Converter from AtoZ Downloader Apk.

Movies in AtoZ Downloader Apk

Everyone likes to watch movies these days for refreshment. AtoZ Downloader holds a great number of movies that you can download and watch. Watching movie online is a little bit difficult thing because no one wants to wait for the next move as buffering comes in. So the best option is to download a movie and watch it later. You will be able to download the movie easily at very high speed because of the ultimate downloading speed.

AtoZ is Free

I know you guys don’t want to spend your money on apps and games as you may not be interested in buying anything which you have never tested. But at AtoZ Downloader Apk you never need to purchase it. The app is 100% free and you can easily download AtoZ Downloader APK from our site for free of cost and can install it in a few clicks.

Final Words

This site is specially dedicated to the AtoZ Downloader Apk and you can find all the information about this app on our site, if you have any questions or suggestion then you can let us know. While I would like to tell you guys that we are not the official developers of the app, we are just writing useful guides on the product and you can use it for free of cost, while if you want to help the developers or want to get something changed the consider contacting the developers.