AIO Downloader for PC – Install All in One Download on Windows PC

AIO Downloader is really a fantastic application which you can download and install on your Android device. But for PC users, if you have enjoyed the All in One Downloader on your Android device then you will also search for the how to get AIO Downloader PC Version.

If you think the same then you don’t need to worry about anything. Well, if you have never tried the AIO Downloader APK on your Android device then you should consider downloading and installing the app on your Android device first. On the other hand, if you use the iOS then you can get AIO Downloader iOS app too.

Why Should There Be Aio Downloader for PC?

It is a very good question that why we need to have a special app that is only for Android users. And why that app should be able to install on our Android device.

Well, the answer is very simple and easy, in our Android devices we are able to download many apps and games for free but when we look back on Android device we don’t find any app that we can use for downloading paid apps and games for free. And as we know that AIO Downloader also allows the users to download Songs and Movies too, this thing increases its demand to a good extent. That is why people search for AIO Downloader for PC.

How to Install AIO Downloader on PC?

Now you may be wondering that how can we install an Android app which is basically an Apk package file that can only be installed on a device which is running Android OS. You need not worry about anything, the reasons are very simple, there are thousands of emulators which allows us to install Android apps on our Windows PC very easily. And once we installed an app on our PC then we can enjoy all the features of Android app on our Windows PC with ease.

I have written the procedure in a few very simple and easy to follow steps which you can follow below for install the AIO Downloader on your Windows PC.

Step 1- Download All In One Downloader Apk File

For installing the AIO Downloader on your Windows PC you need the Apk file of the application. If you have not downloaded the AIO downloader yet then you can download it by clicking the below download button. Upon clicking you will be redirected to the download page and there you can click on the download button again and the Apk file will be downloaded on your PC.

Step 2- Download BlueStacks Android Emulator

You may be aware of the fact that we cannot install any application on PC that runs on Android OS. The reason is that both the Operating Systems are different them each other, so, the application packages are also much different.

Due to this reason, we cannot install any APK file on a computer and an EXE file on Android.

Luckily there are great people (developers) who have developed such programs for Windows and Mac Users which they can use to install and run the Android apps and games directly on the Computer easily and effectively.

For this, you need to download the Bluestacks Android emulator by clicking the below download button.

Step 3- Install Bluestacks Emulator on PC

Now the next thing you need to do after downloading the Bluestacks emulator on your PC is to install it. The process of installing it very simple and same as we install any other program on our Windows-based PC but for the help of you people I have written the whole procedure below.

Simply double-click on the downloaded file and extraction of the program will be started.

After the extraction is completed you can simply continue and once you complete the process by clicking on Next and Install button the program will be installed on your PC.

If you had liked to watch a YouTube Tutorial then you can watch the below video.

Step 4- Installing AIO Downloader on Windows PC

Now that we have done a lot of things and you are very close to installing the AIO Downloader on your PC. The process is again very simple. Just follow the below steps to move on…

  • Launch the Bluestacks app player by clicking on its icon from the Desktop.
  • Now you will be asked to create a Bluestacks ID.
  • After creating Bluestakcs ID your Android OS will be enabled now you have to sign in using your email and password for Google Play Store.
  • After following above steps you have done everything, now simple move towards the Download folder and right-click on the AIO Downloader Apk file which you had downloaded in step one. And select Open with Bluestacks.
  • The app will be opened with Bluestacks and you are done. Now you can use the AIO Downloader on your PC.

So, my friends, this was all about how can you download the AIO Downloader on your Windows PC and how can you run and use it. If you have any questions or need a guide to install AIO Downloader on your Android then you can also read that. While if you want to know what is AIO Downloader in detail along with its features then you can read AIO Downloader Features article.